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Google/Twitter Partnership Shows the Future of Search

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As one second just passed, 40,000 searches were conducted on Google. The search giant doesn’t just want to provide search results, they want to provide you with the most relevant and accurate results possible.

If a user searches, Plato’s birthday, Google wants the date and associated information to appear instantly. Google would like to be able to answer all of your questions and curiosities without you ever having to click on a website.

In order to achieve those goals, Google has one of the most advanced (and as a result, ever-changing) algorithms as it relates to searching keywords. But it wants more data.

That’s why Google and Twitter reached an agreement in February that will allow the web crawler total access to the stream of Twitter, referred to as the “firehose.” The firehouse puts out about 9,000 tweets per second, so that’s a lot to index and crawl independently.

Now Google has access to the extremely timely information posted on Twitter, without having to wait and sift through it.

This also furthers the argument about how search engine optimization and social media are tied together. You need a strong social presence if you want to be seen above your competition. Social media is also a great way to get extremely valuable backlinks to your website.

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Twitter’s Deal With Google

Posted on February 6, 2015 by - Social Media

What You Need To Know About Twitter Partnering Up With Google

Twitter's Deal With Google

In case you haven’t heard, Twitter’s CFO, Anthony Nato, really wants Twitter to be one of the top revenue generating Internet companies in the world – reaching $14 billion a year in the next decade. In fact, those were his exact words. And what’s the best way to do that? Well, there were lots of options and plans discussed, but one of the first things they did was partner back up with Google. I mean, how could you not want to partner with a giant like Google?

You may recall in 2009 the two companies agreed to allow tweets to display in Google search results. But this fizzled after a couple of years due to the COO of Twitter wanting more control of the content. Now however, this deal may lead to an increase in both revenue and traffic – something Twitter could use more of. After all, they may have exceeded revenue estimates last quarter, but user growth continues to slow.

Twitter’s plans are rather detailed and extensive, so we’ll spare you the details – but basically they want to monetize syndicated content, and diversify their advertising products. Which is really a good plan regardless of the quarter or the partnership, when you think about it.

 What Are You Likely To See Going Forward?

Well, you may see more promoted tweets popping up again, on Google and on Flipboard, or elsewhere. And you may see a new feature they’re toying with called Instant Timeline, which would show up as relevant search results even if you’re logged off of Twitter, or don’t have an account yet. It’s another genius idea for getting more people to sign up – so they can view the content they just clicked on.

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The Art of Social Selling

Posted on February 5, 2015 by - Social Media

Social Selling Has Been Proven Successful – If Done Properly

In the social media world, we hear all the time that brands and companies should be engaging their audiences. Rather than sales messages, followers of brands want useful information, viral content, and an inside look at the company, to name a few things. This is all 100 percent accurate.

However, brands can use social media to drive sales, not by constantly asking their followers to buy their products/services, but by implementing strategies that empower their employees (specifically the ones in sales) to make an endless amount of connections, prospects, and leads.

Social Selling

The IBM Example

A couple years ago, IBM North America gave social selling a try. After a six-month pilot program, they saw seven of their sales representative’s combined LinkedIn followers grow from 535 to 3,500. Their total reach went from 54,000 sets of eyes to 1.3 million.

Douglas Hannan, Business Unit Executive for Inside Sales Marketing at IBM North America, saw implementing social selling as a no-brainer after the initial test run:

“Basically, we got more pairs of eyes reading our content with a very low-cost investment – just the rep pages and some social messages. So we said, ‘This is definitely working; we’re rolling this out everywhere.’”

Easier Said Than Done

While there is a massive prospect pool on social media, you can’t just assume that everyone is a lead. To simplify, the main key is to listen and make the connection before any sort of a pitch.

Here are 3 things social selling is not:

  1. Relentless spamming.
  2. Making every conversation a sales pitch.
  3. A replacement for calling prospects and meeting them face-to-face.

Social selling can work well when you follow these steps:

  1. From a company standpoint:
    1. Establish a policy with your sales reps, train them, integrate, and analyze. A cohesive, company-wide effort will produce better results.
    2. From an individual standpoint:
      1. Clean up your profile.
      2. Follow influencers and potential prospects on Twitter.
      3. Don’t just post; listen and engage – re-tweet, share, endorse, and comment.
      4. Make a connection before a call, email, or sales pitch.

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Twitter Is Now An Ad Network

Posted on February 4, 2015 by - Social Media, Uncategorized

Twitter Ads


In case you haven’t heard, Twitter has announced their plans to allow advertisers to promote tweets on other apps and websites. This is huge, because it means it can be used as a network for posting ads online, anywhere.

The news is a result of Flipboard and Yahoo! Japan partnering with Twitter. To give you more of an idea of how it works, Twitter’s Ameet Ranadive said:

“Let’s say Nissan is running a Promoted Tweet campaign on Twitter, but also trying to reach similar audience on a mobile application like Flipboard. Through this new partnership, Nissan could run a Promoted Tweet campaign on Twitter, with specific creative and targeting, and simultaneously run the campaign off Twitter, with the same targeting and creative in the Flipboard app. Best of all, because Flipboard already integrates organic Tweets into the app, the Promoted Tweet will have the same look and feel that is native to the Flipboard experience.”

You’re probably wondering what this means for Twitter going forward. Sure, this is great for advertisers, but will this affect the usability or user-friendliness of it? Well, if we look to Facebook or Pinterest as examples, sure people balked at first about the ads – but quickly got over it. After all, they’re not going to quit Facebook or stop pinning. And some people (like us marketing people) love that the ads they see are targeted to their interests and likes.

Honestly it’s surprising it’s taken Twitter this long to finally cash in like all the other platforms have. Sure, they will always own the hashtag, as they were the first one to come up with that, but this really takes social media advertising to a whole new level. Speaking of the hashtag, it used to be the only way TV companies could really target their audiences on social media; but this new form of ads is different, since it will always be available – not just in real time like before.

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Facebook Tweaked News Feed Yet Again

Posted on January 29, 2015 by - Social Media

The latest changes within Facebook’s News Feed Algorithm

If you’re sick of false or misleading stories showing up in your News Feed, you’re in luck – Facebook has planned to reduce these hoaxes. But they need your help, too.

Facebook said in their blog that you now have the ability to report when you see a fake news story in the form of a link, pic or video, similar to how you report spam.

You may have noticed before that your only options when clicking on “Report” were things like, “This post goes against my views”, or “It’s annoying or distasteful”. But if you selected pornography or false news story, it would likely be flagged more urgent – but we can’t be sure of that just yet.

However, one thing that’s guaranteed is that if a large number of users report the same post(s) as being false, the post(s) will be reduced from the News Feed because of Facebook’s algorithms. So, strength in numbers certainly applies here.

The only downside is that users could potentially abuse this tool and bully posts out of the News Feed. It’s unclear if there is a system or algorithm in place for that, and we all know if there’s a way to hack, spam or bully – some people will find a way.

In the meantime, be sure you know your facts before reporting something, and keep in mind that you obviously won’t agree with or like everything in your feed – so you could just push the “I don’t want to see this” button instead.

We want to know—have you noticed less fake stories and hoaxes in your Facebook News Feed?

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Facebook Video is Kind of a Big Deal

Posted on January 14, 2015 by - Social Media, Video


Funny movie lines aside, Facebook really wants to sell you on the idea that their videos could one day surpass YouTube’s viewership. Something comScore claimed they already did back in October.

Now we’re not saying they’re not a major player in the online world, just that it seems like it would take more than a few months to dethrone YouTube.

What does all of this video business mean for your business?

Well, since Facebook reports a 75% increase since last year in the number of videos being uploaded, this is a bandwagon you must jump onto. For example, you’ve heard the phrase, a picture is worth a thousand words? Well, a video would be worth about a million. They do 12 times as well as pictures on Facebook, and let’s not forget, Twitter GIFS are pretty popular too these days.

Contact us to help create videos for you, and to push them out across several social media platforms.

Still not convinced?

In a recent blog post, Facebook released the percentages that included one saying the amount of videos in users’ feeds has increased by 360% globally. Another great stat said more than half of all daily users view at least one video a day.

Some tips they gave were to post compelling videos that are shareable and with clips no one else has yet. Which should be your quest in anything you post online as a business anyhow, don’t you think?

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2015 Social Media Checklist

Posted on January 7, 2015 by - Social Media

We’re a week into the New Year, but it’s certainly not too late to make some resolutions. In the social media world, things are changing. In fact, they’re always changing and it’s important to keep up.

Luckily, we have made it easy for you. Here’s a list of 8 social media strategies to incorporate in 2015:

1. Create Content


This may seem vague, but that’s because it is. Content can come in a variety of forms. Podcasts, infographics, blog posts, videos, and slideshares are just a few examples. The point you need to remember is that brands need to act more like publishers on social media in 2015. The more you relate to your audience and provide them with relevant, valuable information, the more they will engage and show loyalty to your brand.

Slideshare, specifically, seems to be an up-and-coming social platform, especially for B2B companies. It offers and easy and effective way to create and distribute content. Check it out.

2. Get on Instagram


Launched only four years ago, Instagram has exploded onto the social media scene and has now reached over 300 million monthly active users. Its success has shown that people are more responsive to visual content. Brands of all sizes have started the Instagram marketing journey and if you haven’t, jump on that bandwagon in 2015.

3. Get on Pinterest


Like Instagram, Pinterest is also a place where visual content thrives and people search for ideas and inspiration. It has gone from a niche platform for artsy women to a platform for all demographics with information on just about everything. It also has shown to be powerful in Google search results and in 2015, Pinterest has made Promoted Pins available to all advertisers for the first time.

4. Give Paid Advertising a Shot


This is especially important on Facebook. With more companies seeing a decreased organic reach, Facebook’s answer? Pay for advertising. The options within paid advertising schemes are also becoming more advanced, you can better target specific consumers, and many times it’s simply more effective.

5. Create more Video


In 2014, we saw Facebook surpass YouTube for desktop video views for the first time. While YouTube is definitely still important, other social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) have embraced video wholeheartedly. Brands can create their own video episodes, answer questions, give inside looks, and convey information in an appealing way by publishing more videos.

In addition, video also allows brands to be candid and transparent. You will be amazed at how popular a short, yet insightful video hosted on Instagram or Vine can be to your followers. There’s no excuse for brands not to produce video as you no longer need thousands of dollars worth of video equipment anymore, rather maybe just a smartphone.

6. Run a Contest – Create a Hashtag


One of the best ways to get your followers to participate on one of your social networks is to create a contest. Give something away, promote a charity, or maybe just build comradery around a hashtag.

Hashtag activism and communities that collaborated using a single hashtag hit an all-time high in 2014. We don’t expect that trend to decline in 2015. This is a great way to connect conversations across Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram and it’s a great way to get your followers to do the work for you.

7. Analyze Deeper


Set benchmarks, record data, and ask yourself if the metrics you’re using to measure social media success are actually doing something for your business. Find some new tools to measure your social networks and make adjustments based upon your findings.

8. Keep Learning


Finally, don’t ever stop learning and progressing. We believe that you can count on these strategies 100 percent in 2015. However, in a few months there will be a new list of predictions and ideas to incorporate as the social media world is always changing and evolving.

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2014/2015: The rise of E-commerce on social media

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You may have heard that Facebook and Twitter have been testing out the E-commerce experience by bringing shopping to users in their social streams, but this raises many questions.

Will people get sick of the ads and always paying to promote anything on Facebook?

Do people really want to buy from a place they go to check in on their friends?

Will you click “buy” while scrolling through your news feed or Twitter feed?

Obviously Facebook and Twitter execs hope so, but next year will surely prove to be the year of E-commerce moving full steam ahead on social media platforms. Besides, what if they could “own” a big piece of the pie if they play their cards right? It is a $293 billion pie to be exact. And with social media sites like Facebook and Twitter making it as easy as a couple of clicks – buying without leaving their sites may just be easier than we all thought.

Twitter did try this back in 2013, but the process wasn’t seamless and ended up being rather clumsy. Even Amazon tried its hand at hashtag-based sales, but it wasn’t the best way to get people to buy either.

Facebook tried its hand at E-commerce with the Facebook store program in 2011, which notably ended with huge companies like Nordstrom and The Gap opening then closing their stores within just a year.

So since some analysts predict that Facebook and Twitter are more likely to resemble Starbucks, where people want to hang out there buy never buy anything, where is E-commerce going to really shine in 2015?

Enter Pinterest.

We already know from market research that women are the biggest purchase influencers in a family unit. They are usually involved in or making the final decision to buy, or not to buy for the family.

They’re also the ones who are rocking out Pinterest on a daily basis. Pinterest is, after all, where you go to pin things you want to make, buy or experience. And, Pinterest said that two thirds of its content, or over 30 billion pins, comes from businesses. That is huge!

So, in conclusion, the future of the relationship between E-commerce and social media may be a fuzzy and confusing one, but one thing’s for sure – it’s not going anywhere anytime soon!

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