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2015 SEO Tactics That Work

Posted on January 12, 2015 by - SEO

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With every New Year comes new changes to the world of search engine optimization (SEO). This happens mainly for two reasons: one (the official reason), web crawlers continue to improve their platforms to provide the most accurate and relevant search results, and as a result, the SEO rules get changed.

Two (the real reason), is that the giant companies that control search don’t like being eliminated. When SEO was first created and how Black Hat SEO is done today revolves around finding holes and glitches in the search algorithm. Keyword stuffing was a perfect example, where putting a keyword into your page content over and over again put you at the top of the results page. Once Google and Yahoo found out you could easily manipulate their rankings, quick action was soon taken.

So as 2015 gets underway, what do you need to know about SEO and what practices will really work?

A good place to start is with content. It is still king and you need a lot of good, relevant content if you want to appear as an authority in your field, provide a good user experience and to show the search engines that your site has new content appearing regularly.

Next, look at your website and ask yourself, if you were an alien looking at your site for the first time, is everything clear? The products and services showcased in an easy way? Is your site navigation good and do your pages load quickly? You absolutely have to have a clean and quick site to compete in the digital universe.

Once your site is perfected, time to go off-site. Your company business pages and social media profiles should all be linked. If you have just written a great blog on your website, that should be shared on social media and linked back to your site.

The last key component for great 2015 SEO is establishing solid backlinks. Not link farming or getting bad link juice, but establishing real connections between you and other websites and forums.

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How Much to Pay for SEO

Posted on December 1, 2014 by - SEO

Image via Alexis Wilke

Image via Alexis Wilke

It’s no longer a debate as to whether or not you need search engine optimization (SEO). 75 percent of users never go past the first page on search and there are millions of websites all competing for the top prize. SEO allows you to stand ahead of your competition while appearing prominently on search.

After realizing SEO is an absolute digital marketing necessity, companies want to know how much they will have to pay in order to get an SEO plan that works for them.

To begin with, look at the scope of your business. How many websites do you have, are they ecommerce, are you on social media, what are your current traffic numbers and what are your goals for both impressions and sales?

As with a lot of business models, the bigger you are the more you will need to be fully covered. At the very minimum, expect to pay $100 an hour for basic SEO service.

A few things to keep in mind within that price point. One, make sure your hourly rate is all inclusive. If you have to pay for keyword research, meetings and other tasks out of pocket in addition to your hourly rate the bill could increase rather quickly.

Two, make sure your results are reviewed with you live every month. Accountability is key when it comes to SEO. And finally, use a company that studies the search algorithms every day and can present the best possible plan to your company.

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SEO Report: 2014 Lessons and 2015 Suggestions

Posted on November 20, 2014 by - SEO


As the year starts to wind down, it’s good to take a look back at what worked and what didn’t in the online marketing world from the previous year. More specifically, what trends and statistics really stood out in the SEO industry this year?

Well it’s obvious search is the main way people find anything online – still leading even social media by a landslide. There are well over two billion users online, and 93% of online experiences began with a Search Engine, according to this study by Search Engine Journal.

However we’ve noticed with our own clients, and have heard from other greats in the industry, that companies who performed both SEO and Social Media have had an even greater chance of being found – and of garnering customer loyalty.

For example, in this article, Twitter noticed that making some of its hashtag pages friendly to search engines generated a big increase in visits. The two can and should work hand in hand, if done correctly.

In this article by Search Engine Land, SEO should be a part of your overall marketing efforts if it’s not already. The best SEO experts to choose? Marketers! People who know how to connect with target audiences in a meaningful way, rather than technically savvy people who follow a set of rules or instructions. You need an expert who will focus on long-term gains instead of short-term gimmicks.  After all, Google is cracking down on black-hat tricks daily, and over 75% of users never even scroll past the first page of search results.

So what distinguishes a good SEO company from a bad one?

A good SEO company will thoroughly explain their processes to you, they’ll give you reports once a month to show their progress, and they’ll use only ethical practices to get the job done. Black-hat SEO is a big no-no, and shouldn’t be tolerated. Ever! A big red flag? You notice an increase in spammy backlinks. For a definition of what black-hat SEO, click here. For more red flag examples, check out this article by Search Engine Land.

Looking forward to the next year, how do you win at SEO?

With great content! You want to give your current and potential clients something good to read every day. Give them a reason to visit your website or social media pages. Make sure you’re findable with great SEO performed by great SEO specialists. And last but not least – stay on top of current trends by reading industry news.

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