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How to Fix Bad Online Reviews

Posted on November 7, 2014 by - Marketing


It’s a very helpless feeling when you read a negative post or a review online about your products and services. Some of what appears on the Internet isn’t even true or has been placed there purposely by a competitor. The first step is accepting the reality that users from anywhere can post just about anything about your business. The next step is doing something about it so you have control.

A good place to start is with Reputation Management. If you don’t have a top digital marketing company managing your online exposure you are extremely vulnerable. (To get next-level Reputation Management, click here.)

Next, look at how and where you appear online. Do you have updated and controlled local listings? If you have a business, but haven’t set up the associated listings for each specific web crawler, then random people can create a listing for you. And since it’s not the business owner creating the page, it can be full of incorrect information and misleading content.

If you are unsure at all about how your local listings appear, how to manage them and how to ensure the proper content is being put up, speak with a Local Search expert by calling: 800-367-2570.

When it comes to specific posts and comments, don’t act like they don’t exist. There are advanced ways to get Facebook, Yelp, Google+, etc. to remove certain comments, but for the most part they are there to stay. If someone complains about the taste of your coffee, for example, in a non-defensive and polite way explain that customers find your coffee excellent and even reference another review that supports your claim.

If you are concerned about how your digital profile appears online, contact Thoughtwire Media immediately so no further damage can be done to your brand.

Personal Privacy Online? Not Anymore

Posted on September 18, 2014 by - Uncategorized

Just understand that we are at a technological point where when you digitally “connect” with or to anything, go ahead and assume that action is being monitored, recorded and used for marketing purposes. Sound like another crackpot conspiracy theory? Well let’s look at some examples and you can decide for yourself:

  • Google was just granted a patent where they will use what you watch on TV as a way to influence your specific search results. So much for Google’s claim that they provide unbiased natural search results. They provide results that are directly related to your interests and tie them right into what pops up on your screen. And to take it further, the paid ads are in on the game too. So when you just finish watching Mad Men, for example, when you go to search there will be a Mad Men-inspired ad on the SERP.
  • Ever erase something you were just about to post or email? Facebook is just one of the giant digital companies that record and keep what you type, even if you delete the message. They then collect all the unused messages and analyze them for advertising purposes.

Protect yourself online with reputation management from Thoughtwire Marketing. Don’t leave your company exposed and make sure everything you put online will perfectly represent your company. To get started, call Thoughtwire at 800-367-2570.

Your Online Reputation

Posted on August 4, 2014 by - Uncategorized

How consumers see your brand online makes a big difference in terms of where they will shop and what they will buy. It doesn’t take much for a company to get their name stained, and as a result, lose traffic, leads and sales.

How does your brand appear to online users?

How does your brand appear to online users?

The impact can come in different forms. Even if there wasn’t a conviction, a news article about legal troubles will continue to show up on search. Maybe it is a series of bad reviews online, even if they were all created by one person. Maybe the owner of the establishment was involved in a past transaction that didn’t go well, yet the story stays with him/her on search.

In order to get better control in terms of how the public views your brand online, reputation management has become a huge product in the digital universe.

To begin with, what is showing up on search that you don’t like? Do you know you can petition Google to have them remove certain results? In Europe, the courts have ruled in favor of the individual through the “right to be forgotten.” You can also go directly to the source—there are many ways to convince a publication that it is in their best interest to remove an old story.

Next, switch your focus from what the public is seeing to what they should be seeing. Is it just the bad results that are appearing? What about the things that you want the user to see, like your website, numbers and your products?

Last, understand it is an ongoing effort. Five minutes ago someone could have posted a false review on one of your local listings. Three minutes ago someone could have created a fake listing for your business. Be diligent and constantly update your digital presence to protect yourself.