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Shopping Online to Get Even Bigger

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It simply cannot be stressed enough: if you don’t have a website that appears ahead of your competition in search, you are missing out on an ever-increasing profit line.


People love shopping, browsing and doing product research online. If they can’t find your site, they will be going to the competition.

Shop.org estimates sales will increase between eight and 11 percent in the upcoming holiday season, which translates to an estimated $105 billion.

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Why Local Rankings Are Dying

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There are plenty of areas where you can lay blame—Google, algorithm changes, the habits and trends of the user, etc. But it really doesn’t matter who is at fault, as the fact remains, local and search rankings in general are taking a huge hit.

The first thing you need to understand is the fact that search engine optimization (SEO), or really just where you appear on the search engine results page (SERP), is in constant flux. So no matter what artificially generated ranking you receive, it could very easily change the next day.

Also, there is no true formula or science for establishing a true “page rank.” On the local level, with the latest Pigeon updates from Google, local rankings will soon be extinct all together.

“Now that Pigeon has caused havoc with local rankings, we’ve got a huge opportunity to take advantage of the flux and educate our clients that rankings don’t equal success,” reported Greg Gifford.

The key to real SEO and “page rank” success is consistency. Look at your organic traffic every month and make sure the numbers and flow are still there. Next, evaluate your landing pages and make sure the users are going where you want them to end up. Last, set up tracking to see if the user clicks on “get directions” or other types of forms.

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New comScore Stats Show State of Search

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Every month around this time, digital marketers and search engine optimization (SEO) gurus huddle around computers and mobile devices eagerly awaiting the release of the new comScore digital statistics.


Let’s back up…comScore self defines itself as, “A leading Internet technology company that measures what people do as they navigate the digital world—and turns that information into insights and actions for our clients to maximize the value of their digital investments.” Basically, because of their history, accuracy and legitimacy, comScore is the authority on search rankings and associated stats.

The new June 2014 report has been released, and let’s look at some numbers starting with U.S. Search Engine Rankings. To begin with, it’s no surprise that Google sites are still #1, taking a 67.6 percent share. Second on the list is Microsoft sites, with an 18.8 percent shares, followed by Yahoo with 10 percent, Ask Network with 2.3 percent and AOL with 1.3 percent.

Those numbers illustrate what we already know—Google dominates when it comes to search. You’ll hear people say, “Google it” or “Search it,” but hardly ever hear users suggest that you, “Yahoo it” or “Microsoft it.”

comScore also released the top 50 desktop web properties. The ones at the top don’t come as much of a surprise, but some of the websites in the middle may be completely new to you. Here’s the list:

comScore Top 50 Properties (Desktop Only)
June 2014
Total U.S. – Home and Work Locations
Source: comScore Media Metrix
Rank Property Unique Visitors(000)   Rank Property Unique Visitors(000)
Total Internet : Total Audience  227,858    
1 Google Sites 189,712 26 Adobe Sites 32,848
2 Yahoo Sites 171,246 27 Wal-Mart 32,433
3 Microsoft Sites 164,194 28 Viacom Digital 32,144
4 Facebook 141,377 29 WebMD Health 31,103
5 AOL, Inc. 107,165 30 Dropbox Sites 30,607
6 Amazon Sites 92,506 31 YP Sites 30,301
7 MODE Media (formerly Glam Media) 71,170 32 Time Inc. Network (partial) 29,088
8 Turner Digital 68,190 33 Netflix.com 28,647
9 Apple Inc. 60,474 34 New York Times Digital 27,415
10 CBS Interactive 58,682 35 Fox News Digital Network 26,488
11 eBay 58,472 36 Defy Media 26,258
12 Weather Company, The 57,499 37 Conde Nast Digital 26,246
13 Wikimedia Foundation Sites 54,152 38 Pinterest.com 24,902
14 Gannett Sites 48,966 39 BuzzFeed.com 23,612
15 About 48,438 40 T365 – Tribune 23,600
16 Ask Network 46,256 41 Meredith Digital 23,307
17 Comcast NBCUniversal 46,212 42 Tumblr.com* 23,139
18 Linkedin 43,793 43 Gawker Media 22,855
19 craigslist, inc. 38,838 44 Ziff Davis Tech 21,973
20 Twitter.com 38,761 45 AT&T, Inc. 21,911
21 Yelp 36,148 46 JPMorgan Chase Property 21,871
22 Demand Media 35,841 47 Purch 21,630
23 Hearst Corporation 33,902 48 WorldNow Sites 21,430
24 Answers.com Sites 33,707 49 IDG Network 21,145
25 ESPN 32,945 50 Verizon Communications Corporation 20,831