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3 Ways to Plan a Successful 2015 Pinterest Strategy

Posted on January 12, 2015 by - Social Media


How can you tell if your Pinterest strategy needs an overhaul? Well, a good indicator is if your stats have all gone stagnant. If you haven’t gotten any new followers, or an increase in engagement or traffic – these may be signs it’s time to up your Pinterest game.

But just how do you do that?

Here are the top 3 ways to plan a successful 2015 Pinterest strategy:

Optimize Pin descriptions

If you describe your pin using positive descriptions, and the most-searched keywords – you vastly increase the likelihood that your pin will be found and liked/repined. For example, if you pin an outfit you’re selling in your retail store, you’d want to use something like: How gorgeous is this fun, chic dress?! Perfect for that holiday party! And don’t forget to use hashtags! So for this one you may use the hashtags #holidaydress #dress #holidayparty

Be active

If you want to ensure maximum reach and engagement, you need to think like a pinner – or your consumers! They pin almost every day, and so should you. Just taking 10-20 minutes a day to pin makes a huge difference. And don’t forget to notice the boards and pins that get the most likes, re-pins and follows, and be more active on these – after all, people want to see more from you on these!

Pin seasonally

If you want to be relevant, think about what people are interested in at this particular moment. Think about the month, holidays and any big events going on in the world. And think about things that are just popular in general to anyone who’s taking a pin break. Funny, cute, sarcastic, or helpful all fit into this category.

There are also tons more great ideas here, or you can contact our social media specialists to see how they can pin for you!

In conclusion, like most social media platforms, this one demands some attention and thought – something you may not have time for. So let us handle this task for you. Contact us today to learn more, and to see the different packages we have to offer.

2014/2015: The rise of E-commerce on social media

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You may have heard that Facebook and Twitter have been testing out the E-commerce experience by bringing shopping to users in their social streams, but this raises many questions.

Will people get sick of the ads and always paying to promote anything on Facebook?

Do people really want to buy from a place they go to check in on their friends?

Will you click “buy” while scrolling through your news feed or Twitter feed?

Obviously Facebook and Twitter execs hope so, but next year will surely prove to be the year of E-commerce moving full steam ahead on social media platforms. Besides, what if they could “own” a big piece of the pie if they play their cards right? It is a $293 billion pie to be exact. And with social media sites like Facebook and Twitter making it as easy as a couple of clicks – buying without leaving their sites may just be easier than we all thought.

Twitter did try this back in 2013, but the process wasn’t seamless and ended up being rather clumsy. Even Amazon tried its hand at hashtag-based sales, but it wasn’t the best way to get people to buy either.

Facebook tried its hand at E-commerce with the Facebook store program in 2011, which notably ended with huge companies like Nordstrom and The Gap opening then closing their stores within just a year.

So since some analysts predict that Facebook and Twitter are more likely to resemble Starbucks, where people want to hang out there buy never buy anything, where is E-commerce going to really shine in 2015?

Enter Pinterest.

We already know from market research that women are the biggest purchase influencers in a family unit. They are usually involved in or making the final decision to buy, or not to buy for the family.

They’re also the ones who are rocking out Pinterest on a daily basis. Pinterest is, after all, where you go to pin things you want to make, buy or experience. And, Pinterest said that two thirds of its content, or over 30 billion pins, comes from businesses. That is huge!

So, in conclusion, the future of the relationship between E-commerce and social media may be a fuzzy and confusing one, but one thing’s for sure – it’s not going anywhere anytime soon!

Are you cashing in on these huge opportunities to reach your potential clients online? Contact us today to see what our social media specialists can do for you.


The 2 main reasons your brand should be on Tumblr and Pinterest

Posted on December 5, 2014 by - Social Media

Tumblr and Pinterest are the fastest-growing social platforms today; but how do you know if your brand should be on them or not?


You may think that these visually stimulating sites are just for teens looking at fashion pics, or women looking for recipes – but you’d be dead wrong; they’re so much more than that.

Many businesses utilize each of these for very different reasons. For example, if your business involves any kind of pictures, photography, fashion, design, food, or products in general – these are the platforms for you!

If you don’t have time to manage them, or don’t know how, our specialists can help.

Reason #1 you should be on these sites

A picture is worth a thousand words, and a gif is worth 10,000. If you want to appeal to the masses on Tumblr, switch things up and post an occasional gif. People love to re-blog funny ones their followers will like, and it says so much more non-verbally (when involving people) than a still photograph.

Reason #2

You can be seen by potentially hundreds of thousands of people. One of our social media specialists is a foodie, and food blogger, on the side in her spare time. She was posting so many food pics she got asked to be a featured Pinner to a shared Pinterest board that is seen by over 90,000 people on social media! That’s a lot of people seeing her personal website and pics!

It’s all about networking online, getting your brand out there, and enticing (persuading) people to check out your products and services. Be the expert in your field. Take and post pics that make their mouth, or minds, salivate.

If you’re running a business, you don’t have time to pin on Pinterest or reblog and post on Tumblr all day. But our specialists know where to go, and how to get your pics or gifs seen by the right people, much faster. And, they’re not only great what what they do, they actually ENJOY their work!

Call today and see how our social media specialists can help you.