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Controlling Online Reviews

Posted on June 5, 2015 by - Marketing

Online Reviews

You don’t need an in-depth study or 100-page analysis to tell you that people use reviews to help them make purchasing decisions. Just ask yourself, have you ever read a hotel review, restaurant recap or noticed the amount of “stars” next to certain establishments?

Everyone is looking for honest opinions and experiences from real people, devoid of motive. It’s great for consumers and for a lot of online businesses. The problem arises when negative reviews get posted and businesses don’t know what to do them.

The first thing to understand is that reviews are a necessary evil. From an SEO perspective, there’s a good chance more people will go to a third party site to read a review of your restaurant, for example, before they go to your actual website.

“Again, it depends on the business. For example, if it’s a travel-related search, such as a hotel search, you’re going to see TripAdvisor results high up in most cases. How that differs, as far as which review sites predominate for any given search,” said author Bill Tancer.

The key is to ensure there are positive reviews for real people. And to deal with the negative reviews in a way that they disappear.

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How to Fix Bad Online Reviews

Posted on November 7, 2014 by - Marketing


It’s a very helpless feeling when you read a negative post or a review online about your products and services. Some of what appears on the Internet isn’t even true or has been placed there purposely by a competitor. The first step is accepting the reality that users from anywhere can post just about anything about your business. The next step is doing something about it so you have control.

A good place to start is with Reputation Management. If you don’t have a top digital marketing company managing your online exposure you are extremely vulnerable. (To get next-level Reputation Management, click here.)

Next, look at how and where you appear online. Do you have updated and controlled local listings? If you have a business, but haven’t set up the associated listings for each specific web crawler, then random people can create a listing for you. And since it’s not the business owner creating the page, it can be full of incorrect information and misleading content.

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When it comes to specific posts and comments, don’t act like they don’t exist. There are advanced ways to get Facebook, Yelp, Google+, etc. to remove certain comments, but for the most part they are there to stay. If someone complains about the taste of your coffee, for example, in a non-defensive and polite way explain that customers find your coffee excellent and even reference another review that supports your claim.

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Online Reviews Matter More Than Ever

Posted on July 21, 2014 by - Uncategorized

Word of mouth is alive and well—it’s just in the form of digital reviews these days. And those reviews have a huge impact on the traffic and conversions you receive through your online interactions.

Just think about how most Americans find out information—they do a search. That search leads to results. But the results don’t stand alone. They come accompanied by stars, likes, reviews, etc. Even quotes and testimonials. And what a complete stranger says about an establishment matters—mostly because you are listening.

“82% of consumers surveyed considered user generated reviews ‘extremely valuable’ or ‘valuable,’ reported the Digital Marketing Depot.

Why are online reviews so impactful? One, the consumer doesn’t have time to ask a bunch of friends or co-workers about the place. Two, for the most part, people aren’t just lying for no reason when they leave reviews. Generally, they are simply writing about an experience so you can use that information to form your own opinion.


What does this mean if you are a business owner? The obvious answer is, generate more positive feedback about your operation online. But that can be confusing and convoluted. Instead, go after one area, complete your goal and then move on. You don’t have to be dominant on all the platforms. Go after some 5-star ratings, then move to managing comments and responding, then focus on likes, then boost more with on-page ads, etc. Whatever your plan of action is, just make sure consumers can read positive information about you online, or they will be going with the competitor.