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Super Bowl Marketing Tips

Posted on January 14, 2015 by - Marketing

ADF-Week 2 Blog 2 Pic

Everyone knows that the Super Bowl is the most watched television event every year. That’s why the advertisements cost millions to air and businesses everywhere are competing for the consumers’ attention during the big game.

But you don’t need to be Doritos or Budweiser to get a piece of the Super Bowl Sunday marketing prize. Here are some quick tips to help you stand out from the competition during the big game:


Unless you are a Fortune 500 company, chances are you won’t have the resources or budget to compete with the TV ads themselves. And that’s fine—you don’t need to do so. The key is taking a worldly event and make it local to what you provide and offer.

Pizza places, for example, will offer certain deals and specials during the game. It can be anything—offering a 10 percent off coupon to whoever calls during the game, running a “pick the correct final score and win” giveaway on your website or social media platforms, etc. Consumers already have the game on their minds, so you might as well take advantage of that and give them a deal that coincides with the event.


There’s a pretty good reason that “70 percent of marketers plan to boost social spending in 2015.” It’s because billions of customers are on social media waiting to interact with your company. Did a big or unbelievable play just happen? Tweet about it. Bad call? Put up a poll question on Facebook.

Millions are going to be talking about the game while it is happening, and there’s no reason that they shouldn’t be talking about it all with your company. Make sure your brand and message is available to your current and future clients.


You don’t want to sound like every other company trying to reach the Super Bowl audience. So if your plan is becoming too predictable, boring or cliché, leave room for tweaking and changing. If the pizza shop next door is offering 10 percent off, make yours 15 percent or find something different.

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How Effective is Internet Marketing for Small Businesses?

Posted on January 12, 2015 by - Marketing

According to SEO specialists BrightLocal, 75 percent of small business owners say that internet marketing is “very effective” or “effective” at attracting customers to their business.

This statistic, along with a lot of other interesting data, came from BrightLocal’s recent SMB Internet Marketing Survey 2014

We also learned, from the survey, that small business owners plan to spend more on Internet marketing in 2015, that phone calls are the most valued success metric, and that most small companies handle their marketing in-house (although companies that use consultants/agencies are up 3 percent from the previous year).

The key statistic was mentioned in the first sentence and is graphed out below:

Internet Marketing Graph

Via BrightLocal

As more people every day are connected to the Internet, it stands to reason that Internet marketing will continue to become more relevant and effective for small businesses growth.

At Thoughtwire Media, we love seeing data like this because we specialize in growing brands online. Whether it’s SEO, Social Media, PPC, Hyper Local, Copywriting, or a Mobile-Friendly Website, we’ll have a strategy in place customized to fit your needs. Call us at 800-367-2570 today.

Predicting Marketing Trends in 2015

Posted on December 30, 2014 by - Marketing

At Thoughtwirewe pride ourselves on keeping up with the latest Google algorithm changes, social media trends, and overall marketing strategies.

To continue to successfully act as a voice for our clients, promote them, and grow their respective businesses across a variety of digital platforms, we consume a lot of information from the experts and even do our own research at times.

Here, we took an article from Forbes.compicked out some of our favorite points and turned it into an easy-to-understand infographic. The topic? Marketing trends to watch for in 2015!

If you’re a fellow marketer, comment and let us know what you think about these predictions. If you’re looking for experts to market your business and grow your brand online, click here.

TW Media - Infographic - 2015 Marketing Predictions

Why Mobile Marketing Benefits Brands and Consumers

Posted on December 10, 2014 by - Mobile

Say Goodbye to Traditional Loyalty Marketing Programs

Mobile Marketing Graphic

In an article from Ad Age, CEO Lars Albright, noted that, “Mobile is shaking up the traditional loyalty model, just as it’s shaken up so many other things.” He’s right.

Think of frequent flyers miles, hotel member rewards, or supermarket fuel incentives as traditional loyalty programs. While it might be harsh to bury them already, many brands are finding out that mobile loyalty programs can be much more effective for all parties involved.

Consider the simplicity of this example pointed out by Albright:

American Express’ new partnership with Uber, for instance, represents a huge milestone for mobile commerce. It’s powerful and yet so simple. Under the program, participants pay with AmEx when they ride Uber, earn two times the rewards points and can use those points to pay for future Uber rides.”

Does the customer have to go out of their way? Not if they already have an American Express card and are using Uber anyway. This is just one example of how simple mobile rewards can be for consumers.

But brands won’t participate if they don’t get something out of it. Here’s why mobile loyalty programs are better for both parties:

Consumers generally don’t have to go out of their way to benefit and many mobile promotions are tailored to their specific preferences.

Brands have consumers at their fingertips. They can reach them at any point with a text message or push notification.

Consumers can essentially use their smartphone (a device they’re already attached to at every waking moment) to earn rewards and save money at their favorite retailers, restaurants, and services.

Brands get incredible insights on consumers beyond basic male/female demographic information. This includes contextual data such as where they’re located, their shopping habits, and preferences.

When something comes along (smartphones) that consumers bond with and brands can use to market their products and ultimately make more money, it’s a win-win and that means it’s here to stay.

If your brand needs a mobile app, responsive website, or a mobile marketing plan to better reach your targeted audience, call us at 800-367-2570 or contact us here.

SEO Report: 2014 Lessons and 2015 Suggestions

Posted on November 20, 2014 by - SEO


As the year starts to wind down, it’s good to take a look back at what worked and what didn’t in the online marketing world from the previous year. More specifically, what trends and statistics really stood out in the SEO industry this year?

Well it’s obvious search is the main way people find anything online – still leading even social media by a landslide. There are well over two billion users online, and 93% of online experiences began with a Search Engine, according to this study by Search Engine Journal.

However we’ve noticed with our own clients, and have heard from other greats in the industry, that companies who performed both SEO and Social Media have had an even greater chance of being found – and of garnering customer loyalty.

For example, in this article, Twitter noticed that making some of its hashtag pages friendly to search engines generated a big increase in visits. The two can and should work hand in hand, if done correctly.

In this article by Search Engine Land, SEO should be a part of your overall marketing efforts if it’s not already. The best SEO experts to choose? Marketers! People who know how to connect with target audiences in a meaningful way, rather than technically savvy people who follow a set of rules or instructions. You need an expert who will focus on long-term gains instead of short-term gimmicks.  After all, Google is cracking down on black-hat tricks daily, and over 75% of users never even scroll past the first page of search results.

So what distinguishes a good SEO company from a bad one?

A good SEO company will thoroughly explain their processes to you, they’ll give you reports once a month to show their progress, and they’ll use only ethical practices to get the job done. Black-hat SEO is a big no-no, and shouldn’t be tolerated. Ever! A big red flag? You notice an increase in spammy backlinks. For a definition of what black-hat SEO, click here. For more red flag examples, check out this article by Search Engine Land.

Looking forward to the next year, how do you win at SEO?

With great content! You want to give your current and potential clients something good to read every day. Give them a reason to visit your website or social media pages. Make sure you’re findable with great SEO performed by great SEO specialists. And last but not least – stay on top of current trends by reading industry news.

Contact us today to see how our content writers, SEO specialists, and social media experts can help you.

Online Holiday Shopping Statistics

Posted on November 20, 2014 by - Marketing

Thanksgiving is one week from today! Too much food, football, spending time with family, and now, online shopping will have their place in many American homes.

While we all think of Black Friday as the biggest shopping day of the year, Thanksgiving day isn’t too far behind. Thanks to mobile technology and the incredible advancements in user experience over the past couple years, consumers are finding it easier than ever to shop from home.

Will they find your business online?

Infographic - Reaching Holiday Shoppers Online

Reminder: SEO Still Extremely Important

Posted on November 13, 2014 by - SEO

Even the Biggest Social Platforms Use SEO

With the rise in mobile apps and the continuing success of social media platforms (not just in the U.S., but globally), business owners and marketing managers have begun wondering about the value of search engine optimization (SEO).

Image via Alexis Wilke

Image via Alexis Wilke

Here’s one side of the argument: my company has thousands of likes/shares/plus 1s on social media; I’m being found online so why do I need SEO?

The first thing wrong with that argument is a failure to understand the purpose of social media from a business perspective. Social media is to be used to engage and interact with current and prospective customers while showing that you generally care about their feedback and input.

Social media should not be used, however, as a means to sell. Sure, you can dramatically increase the presence of your brand and products through platforms like Facebook and Twitter, but when you blatantly try to get your followers and friends to buy, they will simply unfollow your page and won’t come back.

“Think social media has killed search as a traffic driver? Think again, given that social media giant Twitter shared today that SEO has helped it generate a 10-times increase in logged-out visitors to its web site,” reported Danny Sullivan of Search Engine Land

That means that even though Twitter has close to 300 million users, they still implement SEO tactics, which have generated 10 times the amount of traffic. The bottom line is that SEO helps you get found, appear ahead of the competition and perhaps the biggest issue (as we are seeing with huge companies that already have a massive amount of traffic), SEO gets people to your site that weren’t looking for you in the first place.

How is your current SEO for your company? Grow your brand, get more leads and make more money with a comprehensive SEO plan from Thoughtwire Media. Billions of Internet users should find your business; Thoughtwire will make sure they can.

3 Benefits of SEO, Part 3 of 3: The Gold Package

Posted on November 11, 2014 by - SEO


In our last blog post in this series we went over the 2nd of the 3 main benefits of SEO and why it’s important, which is blogging. We also discussed the Silver Package and its benefits. We call these benefits because they’re really the benefits of hiring an SEO specialist, or the reasons why you should. After all, copy writing comes natural to our writers, but we know it doesn’t to everyone.

To contact our experts now to see how they can help you – click here.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the final benefit of SEO which is driving relevant traffic to your website.

What do we mean by relevant traffic? Well you want to ensure a great user experience, as we discussed in part 1, and how you do that is ensure you are using all the tricks of the trade. There are many tools and tricks our specialists utilize to ensure you’re getting relevant traffic to your website, and the algorithms Google use change so often – you’re going to want an expert on your side to keep track for you.

But have you ever searched for something in Google and clicked on a few of the websites at the top of the results page, only to find they were nothing like what you wanted? Or maybe they were terrible websites filled with pop ups and ads?

That’s frustrating for anyone, and a huge waste of their time. And chances are you’re going to remember those websites next time and be sure to not click on them.

So to prevent your website from being on the do-not-click list, our SEO experts use “white hat SEO” techniques, not “black hat SEO” tricks. Black hat is trickery that may have worked briefly in the past, but these days can quickly get you penalized by Google.

Our experts also partner with our Social Media Specialists to drive relevant traffic to your website using social media marketing. Click here to learn more.

Now for the cream of the crop, the best of the best – our Gold Package. This is for the serious business owner who wants the most bang for their buck, and the best overall strategy to beat out their competitors. Some benefits include:


In conclusion, we realize you don’t have the time or expertise to handle performing SEO on your own on a daily basis, so that’s why we’ve employed the best SEO specialists we could find to help your business succeed.

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