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Predicting Marketing Trends in 2015

Posted on December 30, 2014 by - Marketing

At Thoughtwirewe pride ourselves on keeping up with the latest Google algorithm changes, social media trends, and overall marketing strategies.

To continue to successfully act as a voice for our clients, promote them, and grow their respective businesses across a variety of digital platforms, we consume a lot of information from the experts and even do our own research at times.

Here, we took an article from Forbes.compicked out some of our favorite points and turned it into an easy-to-understand infographic. The topic? Marketing trends to watch for in 2015!

If you’re a fellow marketer, comment and let us know what you think about these predictions. If you’re looking for experts to market your business and grow your brand online, click here.

TW Media - Infographic - 2015 Marketing Predictions

How’s Your Digital Marketing?

Posted on October 13, 2014 by - Uncategorized

If you ask most marketing managers about the state of their company’s digital presence, they will tell you that they have a strong hold on current trends and an even stronger hold on what practices will be used in the future.

Marketing has come a long way--are you up to date?

Marketing has come a long way–are you up to date?

The truth of the matter, however, is that many marketing strategies companies use are outdated and simply unsuccessful at generating leads, profits and sales. Here are some key components to reconsider and to make sure that they are the focus of how you present your brand online:

Mobile—billions of smartphone users want to see your products and services from their tablet, phone or similar device. If your site is not Response, mobile-friendly or with mobile apps and navigation in mind, you will lose out on millions of potential customers.

Search—how important is search engine optimization (SEO) to your brand and company? It should be massive. How do you expect to get more traffic and leads when consumers don’t see you?

Innovation—you have to stay one step ahead of the digital curve. If you are trying to advertise on MySpace still, your plan needs updated.

Do you have questions about your current digital marketing strategies? To make sure they are the most current and effective, call Thoughtwire Marketing at 800-367-2570.