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New Facebook Product Ads Will Be Beneficial to Retailers

Posted on February 18, 2015 by - Social Media

Facebook Product Ads

Facebook is making another change. This time, it’s not a News Feed algorithm change but something a little more exciting, especially for brands and retailers.

With the changes in Facebook’s organic reach, we predicted that 2015 would be the year of paid advertising on Facebook. The announcement of the new ad type, Facebook Product Ads, should make this process even more efficient.

Dynamic Product Ads

With Facebook’s new dynamic product ads, you will be able to promote various products across multiple devices.

Rather than having to create and configure different ads for different devices and products, you can creatively do it all at one time. These campaigns can be set up to run continuously and to reach the most relevant shoppers.

Kristi Argyilan, Senior Vice President at Target, had the following to say about dynamic product ads:

“With dynamic product ads, Target has been able to more easily engage consumers with highly relevant creative. The early results have exceeded expectations. Performance has been especially strong on mobile devices – an important and fast-growing area for Target – where we’re seeing two times the conversion rate.”

Multi-Product Ads

Facebook’s multi-product ad type will have the capability to show several of your products in one scrolling ad. Facebook hypes it as, “a highly engaging and visually rich way to increase sales and grow your business.”

Brands will be able to get creative with this too. Whether you want to show multiple products or tell a story through pictures, it will be interesting to see how creative businesses get in order to gain the attention of consumers.

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3 Tips to Increase Your Facebook Likes and Followers

Posted on February 10, 2015 by - Social Media


Everyone wants followers, well, at least they do if they have a company Facebook Page. But getting those organically can be difficult without some pretty big giveaways or already established word of mouth – and an amazing offline reputation.

So what are some ways you can increase your Facebook Likes and Followers and in turn, grow your business?

1. Promote your Page

This should be the very first thing you do once you create an awesome Page. By awesome Page, of course I mean beautiful cover and profile pictures, and lots of clear information listed in all about you areas. Promoting your Page properly is the single best way to get more Likes and Followers, especially if you have an expert set all the parameters for you. Click here to contact one of our specialists. You can be as broad or as specific as you want, and spend as little as $5 a day to start.

2. Post visually stimulating content

Text-only posts should be limited, because if you didn’t hear, Facebook’s algorithm doesn’t place those as often or as a priority in people’s news feeds anymore. Not to mention, people are more likely to be drawn in by something visual. Try to always use a clear, beautiful picture that adds to your message. And don’t forget videos, they get clicked on 12 times more than pictures. Too much can be overkill so keep posts balanced.

3. Post Frequently

Of course you shouldn’t post just to post, but getting something out there keeps you in the game, keeps you at the forefront of people’s minds and ensures you stay relevant to your target audience. But it doesn’t always need to just be news, or “all about you” posts – make sure you are posting engaging content that stimulates thoughts and conversation.

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Facebook Video is Kind of a Big Deal

Posted on January 14, 2015 by - Social Media, Video


Funny movie lines aside, Facebook really wants to sell you on the idea that their videos could one day surpass YouTube’s viewership. Something comScore claimed they already did back in October.

Now we’re not saying they’re not a major player in the online world, just that it seems like it would take more than a few months to dethrone YouTube.

What does all of this video business mean for your business?

Well, since Facebook reports a 75% increase since last year in the number of videos being uploaded, this is a bandwagon you must jump onto. For example, you’ve heard the phrase, a picture is worth a thousand words? Well, a video would be worth about a million. They do 12 times as well as pictures on Facebook, and let’s not forget, Twitter GIFS are pretty popular too these days.

Contact us to help create videos for you, and to push them out across several social media platforms.

Still not convinced?

In a recent blog post, Facebook released the percentages that included one saying the amount of videos in users’ feeds has increased by 360% globally. Another great stat said more than half of all daily users view at least one video a day.

Some tips they gave were to post compelling videos that are shareable and with clips no one else has yet. Which should be your quest in anything you post online as a business anyhow, don’t you think?

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