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Become a Billionaire With Your Own Mobile App

Posted on November 20, 2014 by - Mobile

Quick Tips on how to Build Your Own Successful Mobile App

If you have an amazing idea, the next step is doing something with that concept or it will only ever exist in your brain. In the digital environment, there seems to be a new technology related idea that is created and put into practice seemingly every day. Most of these new ideas come in the form of a mobile application (app).

A mobile app is a software application that runs on any kind of mobile device, such as a smartphone or a tablet, and apps generally fall into two categories: one, apps that look to provide a similar service to what is already available on a desktop (copy apps), or two, apps that look to reinvent what one can do with a mobile device (invention apps).

In terms of copy apps, chances are you have used one or two recently. In the U.S., the most popular mobile app is Facebook (FB) with over 115.4 unique visitors. FB is followed by YouTube, Google Play, Google Search and Pandora round out the top five.

The FB platform already exists and the app just allows you to do the same things you would normally do on the social site, just from your mobile device. It is hard to create a new or original copy app because chances are the company is already doing it.

The real money is in invention apps. For example, mountain climbers have always wanted to be able to point to a cliff and know the name, height and location of the peak. It didn’t take long for someone to create an app where all you have to do is point your phone or tablet towards a summit, and all of the relative information will appear.

Apps can be applied to almost anything. Running low on sugar in your house or oil for your car? There’s probably an app for that. The market is insanely huge and all it takes is a few consumers to buy your app for the idea to spread like wildfire.

If you have an idea, where should you start? To begin with, keep quiet. Your idea could easily be stolen without any kind of trademark or ownership set up.

Two, contact a reputable mobile app development company, like Thoughtwire Mobile and Websites. They will be able to help bring your idea into digital reality. Once your app is created, it is just a matter of time before you start making millions.

Twitch & Timehop—What You Need to Know

Posted on August 13, 2014 by - Uncategorized

Updating You on the Latest Apps and Social Trends

It’s not just the Millennials that should be up to date on the latest Internet tech crazes and trends and explosions—you should be too. And right now, nothing is growing faster than Twitch.tv and Timehop.com.


Twitch.tv was constructed around the idea that humans love to be voyeurs. No matter what another person is doing—cleaning, yawning, fighting, sleeping—we love to watch. Twitch plays on that desire but goes after an already booming industry: the gaming community.

Basically, you go to the site and can select a game, channel or specific user to watch/follow. Then you view them playing a game with their video image displayed in the bottom corner. You can chat with other watchers and the feed is displayed for the user.


Timehop.com was invented for nostalgia lovers. You take a picture, and then a year from now, it will pop up on your phone or in your email. From Timehop.com: “See your photos and updates from this exact day in history.”

Here are the two sides to the Timehop app. One, “Cool, look what I did a year ago.” Or Two, “I am very interested in my past everyday because my future looks so pointless and bleak and I must live through moments long since past.”

At least on Twitch.tv you can watch a fish play Pokemon.