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Twitter Hopes Moments Will Attract New Users

Posted on October 7, 2015 by - Social Media



Since it launched in 2006, Twitter’s platform has shown a unique capability to break news and provide real-time commentary on live events. Within hundreds of millions of tweets exists citizen reporting, cultural jokes, live commentary on sporting events, protests and TV shows, just to name a few. The content that exists on Twitter is wonderful, if you know who to follow.

It can take time to find the right people to follow on Twitter and customize your timeline to where you can stay current on stories that interest you. As Twitter Product Manager Madhu Muthukumar puts it, “We know finding these only-on-Twitter moments can be a challenge, especially if you haven’t followed certain accounts. But it doesn’t have to be.”

Enter Twitter’s new feature, Moments. According to Muthukumar’s blog, the goal is to help people “find the best of Twitter as easily as tapping an icon – regardless of who you follow.” When you tap the new lighting bolt tab you’ll see trending Moments, which are basically a series of tweets on a specific topic. Swipe through the tweets to access relevant images, videos, links, vines or GIFs. Following a Moment will insert that series of tweets into your timeline and allow you to swipe through to gain context about a trending event without having to leave your timeline.

Following a Moment will allow even the most experienced Twitter user to gain quicker insight and context on an event that they tune into midway through or on a story that their followers aren’t discussing. Although for now, Moments are basically trending stories that Twitter recommends, anyone can create one. David Pierce, from Wired, wrote a very insightful article on this new feature and commented:

“Anything a tweet can do, a Moment can do. You can tweet them – they up as cards, like a picture or a poll – or embed them, send links to them, pin them, search for them, whatever. They’re just tweets in a row. Anyone can make them.”

It’s almost certain that we’ll see brands, news organizations and major influencers begin to create Moments. How the masses utilize it will determine its success and how Twitter decides to further update it. Twitter’s “While you were away” and “Discover Tab” features have previously attempted to give users more context and allow them to engage with trending topics easier. Make no mistake, Moments is another attempt by Twitter to lure in new users by making it easier for them to follow specific stories and accounts. If it works, it could fundamentally change the platform. If it doesn’t, Twitter’s loyal (but much smaller than Facebook) following will still use the platform, but keep it hundreds of millions of monthly active users smaller than Facebook.

Although Twitter isn’t the top dog, it is a very important platform for breaking news, live commentary and cultural references. For brands, Twitter is very powerful as well. 98% of Interbrand 100 companies use Twitter, tweets have the capability to show up in Google search and Moments will give brands even more of an opportunity to tell their stories.

Your Next Social Media Channel

Posted on September 9, 2015 by - Social Media

Social Media

2015 will come to an end sooner than you think and if your company still doesn’t have a presence on Social Media, to say you should “jump on the bandwagon” doesn’t even apply anymore. You would have been jumping on the bandwagon circa 2011-12.

Social Media for business is completely mainstream and standard in 2015, with 98 percent of brands active monthly on Twitter, 94 percent on Facebook and 92 percent on YouTube, according to Simply Measured’s The State of Social Marketing 2015 Report.

In case you haven’t noticed, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, while still the most popular for companies, have plenty of competition. Want to reach a younger audience with consumer products? You need to be on Instagram, Pinterest and possibly even Snapchat/Vine. Is your company B2B? Start networking on LinkedIn!

Simply Measured, which is a social analytics company, compiled a brief 10-question quiz that will determine what Social Media platform you need to focus on in 2016. Click here to take the quiz, then contact us with the result!

At Thoughtwire, we want to take your Social Media strategy to the next level. Re-vitalize your Facebook or Twitter presence with a new ad-set, reach a new audience on a new platform and integrate newer, more high-quality forms of content, all while keeping your marketing message and company values consistent across all platforms! Call now: 800-367-2570. 

Using Unknown Holidays in Social Media

Posted on August 7, 2015 by - Marketing, Social Media

It’s time to talk about how you can use upcoming holidays and awareness months to drive customers to your store, but not holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc. We are here to cover the holidays that you may not know about, but can still use to boost your online marketing. Companies constantly use holidays or cultural events like the Super Bowl to easily boost their online marketing, but how many of them mention National Night Out or National Grandparents Day?

By using these niche holidays to specify your social media message, you will be able to make your posts both unique and timely. Read below about some upcoming holidays that might be worth mentioning on social media. Click here for a more comprehensive list of upcoming holidays.

Minor Holidays Infographic


How Google Trends Can Improve Your Social Media Presence

Posted on July 23, 2015 by - Social Media

Google trends


If you haven’t used Google Trends by now, your Social Media strategy has likely suffered. Launched in 2006, the tool has evolved to show us what others are talking about, almost in real time. In the age of social media, staying in touch with what your customers are interested in is integral to gaining those precious likes and shares. Learning how to use Google Trends is an easy way to improve your social media strategy.

Why Use Google Trends?

By understanding the topics and stories people are buzzing about right now, your business can strengthen its chances of being noticed on social media by commenting on the most popular stories concerning your field.

Let’s suppose you are a cyber-security company struggling to get your social media posts noticed. By looking at Google Trends before posting, you could check to see if there were any recent “cyber-attacks” or security breaches that are trending online. If there are, then you can create a post talking about that specific story. The best part is that the sooner you make the post, the better it will perform! Here are some tips about what methods to use when writing content online:

  1. Answer questions others may be asking
  2. Ask questions to your audience
  3. Talk about tips, tricks and tutorials pertaining to the trending story
  4. Comment on news items. Try to start a dialog with your customers
  5. Quote others and contribute your own view

Always Use Caution Before Posting

While using trends to boost the power of your social media posts is recommended, be sure to understand why certain stories or hashtags may be trending. Too often, companies inappropriately use hashtags to promote their product. Do some quick research about the story or trend before posting. You may find that the hashtag is inappropriate for a business to use.

If your business is struggling to gain a social media following, call Thoughtwire at (800) 367-2570 or contact Thoughtwire here to get started on your social media campaign.

Instagram Marketing that will grow your Brand

Posted on July 15, 2015 by - Social Media

Instagram Marketing

Picture via Instagram

Just under 5 years ago, in October of 2010, Instagram launched. It now boasts over 300 million active monthly followers who share roughly 70 million photos a day.

Instagram has achieved massive popularity for a few simple reasons:

1. People love pictures and their brains process them quicker.

2. People also love interacting in real time. In the “Explore” features, Instagram users can see the latest pictures posted from Disney World, a sporting event, concert or just about anywhere else.

3. The platform is less invasive and lists less personal information than Facebook.

4. It’s mobile – and the combination of visual content on a mobile platform in real-time is a social media experience many people prefer now.

How can your business use Instagram as a marketing tool?

Although Instagram only allows paid advertisements to a few select brands, this hasn’t stopped thousands of small businesses from using the platform. Simply create a profile with your business name and post away – just like you would if you were creating a personal account.

Regardless of whether your brand is a restaurant, clothing boutique, law firm, chamber of commerce or just about anything else – Instagram provides a place for you to tell your story visually with high-quality photos and videos.

It’s an easy way for brands to create awareness, interact in real-time and gain additional followers through the use of trending hashtags. For many, it’s provided them with quicker fan growth than any other social media platform, including Facebook.

Reach a younger audience, grow that audience quickly, and have fun visually telling your company’s story and interacting with the community around you on Instagram. Thoughtwire is now providing Instagram marketing services. Ask us about adding the platform to your social media package: 800-367-2570

New Benefits of Pinterest for Businesses

Posted on July 15, 2015 by - Social Media

Benefits of Pinterest

Picture via Pinterest

Pinterest, which has become one of the most popular visual bookmarking sites on the Web, was launched just over 5 years ago in 2010.

Its users love Pinterest because it helps them share and discover original and creative ideas. Whether it’s a craft, a DIY construction project or a recipe, millions of hobbyists use Pinterest to fuel their ideas and try new things every day.

What started as a social network for crafters and housewives, has grown into something that encompasses all demographics and many more ideas. The platform supports infographics really well, which can act as visual fact sheets that do everything from rally people around a social issue to market a business.

Pinterest continues to evolve. “Buy it” on Pinterest will be available for businesses soon, where products can be bought and sold directly on the platform. Essentially, you can set up an entire marketplace where consumers can buy or Pin products they love.

If you want to grow your brand, become an industry-influencer, and even sell products directly on Pinterest, contact Thoughtwire for a customized marketing plan: 800-367-2570

What’s Trending on Facebook in 2015?

Posted on June 16, 2015 by - Social Media

Trending on Facebook

This report looks at Facebook trends for the top 100 brands in the first quarter of 2015

Social analytics and marketing company, Simply Measured, just released their 2015 Facebook Industry Report where they discussed verticals and types of engagement that are trending on Facebook so far this year.

As Facebook is constantly evolving and changing their algorithm, it’s essential for brands to keep up with the best practices and strategies. Here are a few takeaways from the report:

Less fans, more engagement

Facebook has updated its Page like counts and has decided to weed out a lot of spammy accounts. As a result, many brands have seen their fan count decrease.

Despite having less fans, Pages are seeing more engagement from the followers they have. Shares have increased, in part thanks to the increase of photos, videos and visual content. Advertising through Facebook has also increased 31 percent so far in 2015.

The main takeaway to interpret from this data is to post quality over quantity. Supplement those quality posts by spending some Ad money on Facebook as well.

Engagement by vertical

The vertical with the most posts and most engagement is the Media vertical. This isn’t surprising considering people are more likely to engage/share a relevant news story than content from a retailer, restaurant, etc.

While business services and restaurants have seen the least amount of fan engagement in 2015, they have seen the most fan growth year-over-year from Q1, 2014 – Q1, 2015. Is that a result of more businesses creating Facebook Pages? Possibly. Whatever the case, the fans and followers are there – it’s time to find a way to engage them.

Post engagement

What types of posts are receiving the most engagement? Links and photos are still the most successful types of posts, but videos are rapidly on the rise. From Q4, 2014 – Q1, 2015, video engagement increased 8 percent. Meanwhile, status updates by brands are basically dead and don’t work.

To read the full trends report from Simply Measured, click here. For a custom Facebook strategy that will increase your brand’s presence online, call us at 800-367-2570 or click here to get started.

Google Search to Feature Tweets on Mobile Devices

Posted on May 19, 2015 by - SEO, Social Media

We have speculated in the past that the combination of Google and Twitter would help alter the future of search. Today, Google and Twitter made announcements that take a step towards that reality.

From Twitter’s Blog:

“We’re excited to team up with Google to bring Twitter’s unique, real-time content to Google’s search results. Starting today, U.S. users searching in English will see relevant Tweets in their search results within the Google app (iOS and Android) and mobile web. The desktop version is coming shortly, and we have plans to bring this feature to more countries in the coming months.”

google search tweets

Picture via

Whether or not you’re a fan of Twitter, you will start seeing content from the Social Media platform in Google search results. It makes sense considering Google’s goal is to bring its users the most relevant search results and Twitter arguably has been the single best place to get real-time information on the Internet since its inception in 2006.

What This Means for Your Company

For your business, or brand – as it’s generally referred to across various platforms online, having a presence on Twitter becomes extremely important!

Before, it may have been a great way to reach a slice of the 302 million active users on the platform or you may have struggled to reach an audience. But now, with Twitter profiles, Tweets and relevant hashtags all set to show up in search results, having Twitter becomes an online marketing must.

Thoughtwire (@ThoughtwireM) would be glad to help you set up and establish a presence on Twitter, as well as give you custom solutions to reach potential customers through search engines and Social Media. 800-367-2570.

The latest Facebook news

Posted on March 31, 2015 by - Social Media

Latest Facebook News

There are a lot of changes going on at any given moment in the social and digital world, and we like to keep you updated as we discover them – to keep you up to date and aware for your future campaigns and endeavors.

Today’s news is all about Facebook, and before you go thinking it doesn’t apply to your business, know even the smallest news in Social Media could give you a leg up on the competition.

So what’s new with Facebook? Well, there are several things actually.

1. Facebook made it easier to find events to attend

How, you ask? By allowing you to subscribe to events from specific pages. So let’s say you see a local concert coming up in your area and want to know the scoop as soon as it’s posted. Just click on the Events subscribe button, and you’re all set! You can even keep track of however many events you want from your events dashboard in the app on your phone or PC.

2. You can use Facebook for thank-you notes

You may have thought these were a thing of the past, but people still enjoy receiving them. And if you can’t send a handwritten one, the next best thing besides an email? Facebook. This way, it’s a public way of showing gratitude, and it’s quicker than snail mail. This isn’t really new, it’s just that now you can tag your friend in the pic of the gift they sent you, and send a thank you message letting them know how much it meant to you. Ok, so they’re not actual thank you notes, but they work just the same only on a public stage.

How can your business utilize this? Take a picture of the note, item, person, etc. and tag the other company or person you do business with who you’re thanking. Simple as that!

3. Facebook is trying to reel teens back in with upgraded Messenger features

JibJab, Bitmoji and Stickered are all in the mix for ways to get teens back to Facebook. JibJab is of course the one where you can create wacky, custom GIFs; Bitmoji is where you can put emoji characters on a person’s face; and Stickered is a digital sticker app. Will it work? Well, it remains to be seen, but ones things for sure – Facebook isn’t going to stop innovating any time soon.

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Google/Twitter Partnership Shows the Future of Search

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As one second just passed, 40,000 searches were conducted on Google. The search giant doesn’t just want to provide search results, they want to provide you with the most relevant and accurate results possible.

If a user searches, Plato’s birthday, Google wants the date and associated information to appear instantly. Google would like to be able to answer all of your questions and curiosities without you ever having to click on a website.

In order to achieve those goals, Google has one of the most advanced (and as a result, ever-changing) algorithms as it relates to searching keywords. But it wants more data.

That’s why Google and Twitter reached an agreement in February that will allow the web crawler total access to the stream of Twitter, referred to as the “firehose.” The firehouse puts out about 9,000 tweets per second, so that’s a lot to index and crawl independently.

Now Google has access to the extremely timely information posted on Twitter, without having to wait and sift through it.

This also furthers the argument about how search engine optimization and social media are tied together. You need a strong social presence if you want to be seen above your competition. Social media is also a great way to get extremely valuable backlinks to your website.

Is your Social Media campaign growing by the day? If you aren’t getting the likes, retweets, shares and posts you want online, call Thoughtwire Marketing: 800-367-2570.