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Twitter Hopes Moments Will Attract New Users

Posted on October 7, 2015 by - Social Media



Since it launched in 2006, Twitter’s platform has shown a unique capability to break news and provide real-time commentary on live events. Within hundreds of millions of tweets exists citizen reporting, cultural jokes, live commentary on sporting events, protests and TV shows, just to name a few. The content that exists on Twitter is wonderful, if you know who to follow.

It can take time to find the right people to follow on Twitter and customize your timeline to where you can stay current on stories that interest you. As Twitter Product Manager Madhu Muthukumar puts it, “We know finding these only-on-Twitter moments can be a challenge, especially if you haven’t followed certain accounts. But it doesn’t have to be.”

Enter Twitter’s new feature, Moments. According to Muthukumar’s blog, the goal is to help people “find the best of Twitter as easily as tapping an icon – regardless of who you follow.” When you tap the new lighting bolt tab you’ll see trending Moments, which are basically a series of tweets on a specific topic. Swipe through the tweets to access relevant images, videos, links, vines or GIFs. Following a Moment will insert that series of tweets into your timeline and allow you to swipe through to gain context about a trending event without having to leave your timeline.

Following a Moment will allow even the most experienced Twitter user to gain quicker insight and context on an event that they tune into midway through or on a story that their followers aren’t discussing. Although for now, Moments are basically trending stories that Twitter recommends, anyone can create one. David Pierce, from Wired, wrote a very insightful article on this new feature and commented:

“Anything a tweet can do, a Moment can do. You can tweet them – they up as cards, like a picture or a poll – or embed them, send links to them, pin them, search for them, whatever. They’re just tweets in a row. Anyone can make them.”

It’s almost certain that we’ll see brands, news organizations and major influencers begin to create Moments. How the masses utilize it will determine its success and how Twitter decides to further update it. Twitter’s “While you were away” and “Discover Tab” features have previously attempted to give users more context and allow them to engage with trending topics easier. Make no mistake, Moments is another attempt by Twitter to lure in new users by making it easier for them to follow specific stories and accounts. If it works, it could fundamentally change the platform. If it doesn’t, Twitter’s loyal (but much smaller than Facebook) following will still use the platform, but keep it hundreds of millions of monthly active users smaller than Facebook.

Although Twitter isn’t the top dog, it is a very important platform for breaking news, live commentary and cultural references. For brands, Twitter is very powerful as well. 98% of Interbrand 100 companies use Twitter, tweets have the capability to show up in Google search and Moments will give brands even more of an opportunity to tell their stories.

Google X: Searching for More

Posted on October 7, 2015 by - Marketing

Google X

For many of us, a sneak peek into Google X would look a lot like a science fiction movie set. This division of Google is dedicated solely to innovation on a massive scale. The prerequisites for their projects include needing to affect millions, if not billions, of people and resembling something from sci-fi. Behind Google X’s innovations are valuable lessons to be learned. Let’s take a look at a few of their latest innovations and how we can learn from them.

Project Loon

Project LoonHow do you give everyone access to the Internet? Google’s answer to this question comes in the form of Project Loon. In a nutshell, Project Loon uses specialized weather balloons launched into the stratosphere to provide Internet access. By being in the stratosphere, the weather balloons can take advantage of natural winds in order to travel to the required areas and are safe from planes or natural disasters. This means that even when a hurricane destroys your telephone lines, Project Loon can provide you with the Internet required to contact emergency services.

The Lesson: There are multiple solutions to any given problem. Embrace them all to find truly unique innovations.

Self-Driving Cars

Google's Self-driving carObviously driverless cars were already an idea from science fiction, but that’s not the only reason Google X sought out to create them. It came from trying to solve a problem by ignoring other tactics. Google X wanted to find a way to stop automobile accidents, but needed to do so in a non-incremental fashion. While other companies created assisted parking and radar detectors on cars, Google worked to remove human error from the equation entirely. You can either help someone drive a car or drive it for them.

The Lesson: Sometimes ignoring the obvious and easy solutions can lead you to an even better one.

Modular Phones

Project AraHow do you stop technology from advancing so fast and requiring consumers to purchase new tech every few months? You begin by rethinking how you make that technology. That’s where Google’s Modular Phones began their ongoing journey. Instead of forcing customers to buy a new phone to receive new features, what if they could just buy the new features? These phones allow owners to purchase features for the phone in order to upgrade it. So you want that shiny new camera on the latest phone, but don’t want to spend $200+ to get it? Then try spending $25 to upgrade your camera on your existing modular phone.

The Lesson: Adaptability is king in a world surrounded by technological innovation.

Free SEO Tools: Optimizing Your Website

Posted on October 2, 2015 by - Development, Websites

If you haven’t already learned about Conversion Rate Optimization, now is the time to start. Testing different versions of your website is one of the easiest ways to maximize a website’s ROI. Whether you are writing new content, using new pictures or changing button colors, your website can always be improved to bring you more revenue, clicks, etc.

While Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) sounds complex, implementing it can be easy. Try it for yourself right now!  Optimizely is one of the most well-known CRO appliations available for free. The tool makes it easy for users to make basic edits to their website, then test those edits to see if it boosts conversions. Just type in your website’s URL in the tool to begin changing your website around.

Optimizely is free if your website receives less than 50,000 monthly visitors. This isn’t an advertisement for Optimizely though, this is a way to show business owners that CRO is for everyone. The tool is very user-friendly and makes it easy to start editing your website right away.

Take the picture below as a prime example of easy CRO. This is an edit to Thoughtwire Media’s homepage that took less than 2 minutes to perform. The products have been rearranged and the hosting column has been eliminated entirely. Let’s suppose that if we tested this new homepage that we saw a 15 percent increase in traffic to Thoughtwire Media and a 2 percent decrease in bounce rate. You can bet that we would implement this new page design as quickly as possible.

Thoughtwire Media Edited Page

Edited Thoughtwire Media Homepage

Thoughtwire Media Home Page

Original Thoughtwire Media Homepage


Basic changes like this to your company’s website can cause small 2 and 3 percent increases in goal completion per page. If you add up those small increases on every page, you may find that after a few months of CRO, your website is generating much more revenue. Even if changing button colors only increases revenue by 1 percent, isn’t it worth it? In the world of CRO, a little bit of testing can truly go a long way.

Interested in optimizing your website and increasing revenue? Contact Thoughtwire Media today to talk about how your website can make you more money.