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Instagram Marketing that will grow your Brand

Posted on July 15, 2015 by - Social Media

Instagram Marketing

Picture via Instagram

Just under 5 years ago, in October of 2010, Instagram launched. It now boasts over 300 million active monthly followers who share roughly 70 million photos a day.

Instagram has achieved massive popularity for a few simple reasons:

1. People love pictures and their brains process them quicker.

2. People also love interacting in real time. In the “Explore” features, Instagram users can see the latest pictures posted from Disney World, a sporting event, concert or just about anywhere else.

3. The platform is less invasive and lists less personal information than Facebook.

4. It’s mobile – and the combination of visual content on a mobile platform in real-time is a social media experience many people prefer now.

How can your business use Instagram as a marketing tool?

Although Instagram only allows paid advertisements to a few select brands, this hasn’t stopped thousands of small businesses from using the platform. Simply create a profile with your business name and post away – just like you would if you were creating a personal account.

Regardless of whether your brand is a restaurant, clothing boutique, law firm, chamber of commerce or just about anything else – Instagram provides a place for you to tell your story visually with high-quality photos and videos.

It’s an easy way for brands to create awareness, interact in real-time and gain additional followers through the use of trending hashtags. For many, it’s provided them with quicker fan growth than any other social media platform, including Facebook.

Reach a younger audience, grow that audience quickly, and have fun visually telling your company’s story and interacting with the community around you on Instagram. Thoughtwire is now providing Instagram marketing services. Ask us about adding the platform to your social media package: 800-367-2570

New Benefits of Pinterest for Businesses

Posted on July 15, 2015 by - Social Media

Benefits of Pinterest

Picture via Pinterest

Pinterest, which has become one of the most popular visual bookmarking sites on the Web, was launched just over 5 years ago in 2010.

Its users love Pinterest because it helps them share and discover original and creative ideas. Whether it’s a craft, a DIY construction project or a recipe, millions of hobbyists use Pinterest to fuel their ideas and try new things every day.

What started as a social network for crafters and housewives, has grown into something that encompasses all demographics and many more ideas. The platform supports infographics really well, which can act as visual fact sheets that do everything from rally people around a social issue to market a business.

Pinterest continues to evolve. “Buy it” on Pinterest will be available for businesses soon, where products can be bought and sold directly on the platform. Essentially, you can set up an entire marketplace where consumers can buy or Pin products they love.

If you want to grow your brand, become an industry-influencer, and even sell products directly on Pinterest, contact Thoughtwire for a customized marketing plan: 800-367-2570

Why Email Marketing is Important

Posted on July 15, 2015 by - Branding, Marketing

At the bottom of every major business’ website, you see a button asking you to “Subscribe to Our Newsletter,” but have you ever wondered why that button exists? The truth is that the most successful companies use email marketing to drive sales and customer loyalty. To find out how they do this, we must dive into the world of email marketing.

Why Do Customers Subscribe to Newsletters?

If you think customers subscribe to your newsletter for a multitude of reasons, you might be wrong. A 2014 Nielsen study noted only two major reasons customers subscribe to company newsletters:

  1. 28 percent of online shoppers subscribe to stay informed about a company
  2. 27 percent of online shoppers subscribe in order to save money

With this information, you now know that over half of your subscribers want to either hear company news or receive a discount for subscribing. You also know that if you offer the right discount, 27 percent of your email subscribers are likely to use it, driving your sales during the promotion period.

What Can Email Marketing Do for Me?

By creating an email marketing campaign, you are creating a direct connection to your best customers. When sending emails periodically, businesses are constantly building a relationship with their customers and continually giving them a reason to come back.

Some studies suggest that over 50 percent of people check their email hourly! Your emails can promote current specials, remind customers of deals or simply update subscribers on your business’ news. In any of these cases, your business benefits from increased customer engagement, targeted branding and possibly sales!

Tips for Email Marketing

So now you know what your customers want and how it can help you, but before you begin an email marketing campaign there are four tips from EmailMonday that you should follow:

  1. Do not send too many emails. Send them once per week at most, always at the same time.
  2. Send relevant content to your subscribers. You already know what they want; send it to them!
  3. Make it BIG! Users often complain about their emails being too small to read.
  4. Make sure your website and email are mobile-friendly for your mobile email subscribers.

Call Thoughtwire at (800) 367-2570 or contact Thoughtwire here to get started on your email marketing campaign.