Small and Local Businesses Will Get Hurt Most by Google Algorithm Change

Posted on April 21, 2015 by - Mobile

By now, most people have heard about the mobile-friendly algorithm update unveiled by Google this AprilGoogle Algorithm Change

It breaks down like this: Google wants to present the most relative and useful results when people search. Since billions of searches are conducted with mobile devices, a trend that won’t be slowing down, Google wants to ensure users are finding mobile-friendly sites.

How can they make mobile sites appear ahead of non-Responsive sites? Easy, they just change the algorithm to put mobile sites ahead of non-mobile-friendly websites.

The change is going to have a huge impact on small and local businesses. Those entities don’t have giant marketing and digital advertising campaigns. A lot of them have recently purchased a website and aren’t exactly thrilled about the idea of having to change their website.

The solution lies with a quick change to become mobile-friendly. There are “Flip To Mobile” services where all of your existing content can be copied, pasted and reformatted into a mobile-friendly template. Those types of services are generally cheaper than getting a new website build.

Businesses with sites that aren’t Responsive can also find affordable new sites by choosing from existing templates. If you are a small shop, then chances are you don’t need a massive site that is all originally designed and created from a code level.

Questions or concerns about your existing website and if you will be punished by the latest algorithm change? For a free consultation, information about Flip to Mobile services or general inquiries, please contact Thoughtwire Media at 800-367-2570.

Digital marketing has one future—mobile.

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