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Posted on November 10, 2014 by - Branding, Marketing, Websites

If you own a website, there are many ongoing aspects to the site that need to be maintained, updated, tweaked and improved upon to ensure you are offering your customers the best possible user experience (UX). A good UX will continue to drive traffic to your website as well as spread the positive message of your brand.

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A lot of website owners simply aren’t aware of all the things that need to be routinely done to keep their website ahead of the competition. Thoughtwire Media is your single source for complete digital management.

For example, do you have a WordPress website? Recently, “multiple vulnerabilities have been announced in the BulletProof Security plugin for WordPress version .51,” wrote Wordfence founder Mark Maunder in an email to WordPress publishers.

Have you upgraded to the newest version of the BulletProof Security plugin? Do you know what to update and when, so your site stays secure and has the latest technology and applications backing the process?

Let Thoughtwire Media ensure you are totally managed online—we do the work while you have total control. Spend your time how you want to and let Thoughtwire worry about plugin upgrades, security, where you appear on search and the overall user experience of your website and digital presence.

Don’t wait; your website could already be compromised. Call Thoughtwire Media now at 800-367-2570.

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