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More Connected than Ever—Bad News for Scumbags in Pro Sports

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Social media is turning into social justice. Time and time again we remind users that they should assume, while in public, all of their actions are being monitored and recorded. Especially if you are a public figure.

In the most recent turn of events that went viral, former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice was released from the team after TMZ released a video showing Rice punching his wife and knocking her out in a casino elevator.

The NFL tried to cover-up the case and push it aside, only giving Rice a two-game suspension. But once the video went viral and the public was beyond outraged, the team was left with little choice.

The same thing happened to the former Clippers’ owner Donald Sterling, who was caught making racist remarks on a voicemail. He was forced to sell the team.

Don’t Mess with Getty Images

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Anyone who has spent time in the world of journalism, marketing or advertising, has probably come across a “Getty Image.”

Basically, Getty is a producer and provider of all kinds of images, including video, text and multimedia. If it is a “Getty Image,” that means they own the rights to the photo. And if you use the photo without providing monetary compensation to Getty, you usually will have to pay a big penalty. Just ask Bing.

“It didn’t take long for Bing’s new Image Widget to come under fire for alleged copyright infringement. The feature, which enables online publishers to display photos pulled in by the Bing search engine, rolled out Aug. 22. Today, Getty Images filed suit in a New York federal court claiming that it’s a ‘massive infringement’ of copyright,” reported Martin Beck.

If you use an image, make sure it’s not a Getty Image or if it is, make sure you paid for it.