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Shellshock Bash is Serious Threat to Security

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Less than a year ago, the digital world was turned upside down with the Heartbleed bug, which exposed critical business information for companies all over the world. It affected the everyday user as well, just without the billion dollar price tag associated with it.

Once Heartbleed got cleaned up, programmers and hosting companies were able to breathe a little bit. Until last weekend, that is.

Now, the Shellshock Bash bug is threatening the safety and way of life of the operators.

“This bug, baptized ‘Shellshock’ by Security Researchers, affects the Unix command shell ‘Bash,’ which happens to be one of the most common applications in those systems,” reported Jose Andrade of

The bug allows a hacker access to the system and they can then install malware, steal private information or even turn on your camera and watch you while you’re on your computer.

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“We are 100 percent patched for this vulnerability,” said associate Daren Belsterli.

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Our Dependence on Technology

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It seems like every week there is a new app or technological advancement that will help us humans, drive, eat, exercise, sleep and everything in between. Now, this isn’t some old timer’s rant about how it was up hill both ways to school in the snow when I was young, and blah, blah, blah.

We support any safe technology that will let people work and live better and more comfortably. But with those advancements, people need to remember not to forget. That is to say, for example, turn by turn navigation is really convenient, but don’t forget how to look at and read a physical map.

A good example of new-age dependency is MapQuest’s latest app called, “Commute.”

“Just as the name suggests, it’s a stand-alone app intended to help drivers manage and optimize their daily driving to and from work,” reported Greg Sterling.

Sounds like a neat app that could help people reach their destinations more quickly and efficiently. But after a decade, if the app were to fail, then what would people do? Why is it so hard to look at a map and study and understand traffic flow, even in the biggest of cities? How did people manage to find the best ways to work before smartphones?

Implementing tech into your routine is perfectly fine; just don’t be the person that can’t find Main Street without assistance.

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iPhone 6 Plus—A Gross Profit Model

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Tired of the iPhone 6 talk yet? Well, this isn’t a review, a critic, an article about hardware or operating systems, nor an essay on how Android has had many of the Apple upgrades for years. This is simply a piece informing the public of why the Apple stock continues to rise.

Apple will never cut costs when the consumer continues to buy.

Apple will never cut costs when the consumer continues to buy.

Apple is the most valuable company in the world. Add innovation to superior hardware and some amazing marketing, and one will see profits soar. But that, on its face, prima facie, would only get you into the top 100 on Forbes list, and large corporations always want to be number one.

In Adam Smith’s famed book on economic theory, Wealth of Nations, the “profit motive” is labeled as the single greatest driving force for any company’s achievements. This could not be any more true as it relates to Apple.

A recent study by outlined the cost of the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus. The iPhone 6 costs $200.10 to produce and the iPhone 6 Plus costs $216.60. That’s only $16.50 more to make the larger version. Why are those numbers so significant? Because Apple charges you $100 bucks more for the iPhone 6.

No one is arguing Apple shouldn’t make a profit. But when you are already the most profitable entity in the world, maybe you could cut the consumers a break and only make $5 billion a day instead of $10 billion.

Devil’s Advocate: “If the price is too high, don’t buy the phone. The consumer has the control but refuses to recognize it. Apple is probably upset the price of their latest phone wasn’t higher, as the sheep stand in line and buy no matter what.”

Mobile Banner Ads—Best Platform to Advertise

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With billions of smartphones on the market, companies are desperately trying to get a stronghold on the seemingly endless mobile market. But every day, there appears to be a new gimmick, plan or campaign. Let the competition do what they want—if your business wants to have a controlling share of market advertising, then you need to implement Mobile Banner Ads.


To begin with, let’s start with what Mobile Banner Ads are and how they have evolved. Mobile users visit millions of websites a day. A Banner Ad will display your product or service across a user’s device while they are web browsing. Think of it like a billboard that pops up in the different areas you drive.

Over the last year, the technology for Mobile Banner Ads has dramatically improved. Businesses requested better targeting so they could go after specific drivers, not just everyone on the road. Now, Banner Ads are based off of consumer behavior profiles, making Banners an enhanced mobile targeting product.

The evolution didn’t stop there, either. By adding a location and an impression context, along with advancements from MIT computer science applications, Mobile Banner Ads have shown to dramatically increase traffic, click-through rates, purchase intent and brand awareness.

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YouTube Becoming More Advanced

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You probably have heard of search engine optimization (SEO) before, right? It’s the process of optimizing your website so it is found easier by the web crawlers and you site appears high on the search engine results page (SERP). But what you may not know is that Video SEO is not only a reality, but an excellent way to drive traffic, sales and leads directly to your website.

You get an HQ like this through innovation.

You get an HQ like this through innovation.

Google and other search giants are well aware of this fact. After all, they write the search algorithms that we use. There is a separate algorithm, however, for videos and video results, so understanding how videos are different and getting them to work for you is becoming paramount for businesses and SEO experts.

In order to accommodate the growing need of industry experts to have real time stats and analytics, YouTube has recently announced they have added a major update to their current analytics system, and as a result, real, live-time numbers will be updated and available every minute.

“Realtime data is estimated and meant to provide general guidance on potential view activity on your videos. This approximate character of the numbers is also shown in the rounding off to two significant digits,” wrote YouTube on its Support Page.

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Huge Improvements to Banner Ads

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A successful platform just got a whole lot better. For the unfamiliar, Mobile Banner Ads are display advertisements that scroll across a user’s mobile device, so when someone is online, your ad appears as they surf.

Before the upgrades to the system, you would pick specific popular sites, such as Pandora, and your message or image would appear there. That method is too narrow and too selective. If a company is offering you that simple of a Mobile Banner Ad service, they are two years behind and your market strategy will be as well.

Thoughtwire Marketing offers cutting-edge mobile targeting solutions. Our Mobile Banner Ads plan creates individual consumer Behavioral Profiles that take consumer targeting to the next level. Mix the location-based technology with the consumer profiles and your ads will appear when and where you want them to as it relates to your target customer base.

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Personal Privacy Online? Not Anymore

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Just understand that we are at a technological point where when you digitally “connect” with or to anything, go ahead and assume that action is being monitored, recorded and used for marketing purposes. Sound like another crackpot conspiracy theory? Well let’s look at some examples and you can decide for yourself:

  • Google was just granted a patent where they will use what you watch on TV as a way to influence your specific search results. So much for Google’s claim that they provide unbiased natural search results. They provide results that are directly related to your interests and tie them right into what pops up on your screen. And to take it further, the paid ads are in on the game too. So when you just finish watching Mad Men, for example, when you go to search there will be a Mad Men-inspired ad on the SERP.
  • Ever erase something you were just about to post or email? Facebook is just one of the giant digital companies that record and keep what you type, even if you delete the message. They then collect all the unused messages and analyze them for advertising purposes.

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Germany Asking for Google’s Secret Sauce

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Imagine you start a restaurant. Your dining establishment grows into one of the biggest and most popular restaurants in the world. Your growth is directly related to one specific dish, that everyone loves to consume. Then imagine a court ordering you to be more “transparent” in your recipes, and reveal the recipe that has given you so much success. Chances are you would fight until the bitter end to keep your recipe from going public.

German courts want Google's cookbooks.

German courts want Google’s cookbooks.

That scenario is currently being played out between Google and the German high courts. Over the last year the German courts, and courts throughout Europe, have been battling Google over “the right to be forgotten” and other aspects of Google’s platform that “violate laws and liberty.”

It seems that now, the Germans are cutting right to the chase.

“[German justice minister Heiko] Maas asserts in the interview that Google needs to become more ‘transparent’ about its algorithm and would like the company to divulge the formula it uses to rank search results,” reported Greg Sterling.

Users and SEO-ers would love to see Google’s recipe. We could all find out what exactly what they were using and how they generate all of their results. Unfortunately, there’s no way Google would ever release that info unless they turned into some kind of hippie/anarchist/non-profit, and that’s beyond farfetched.

No one will ever know the algorithms totally, but we know a lot of the processes and secrets. That’s why you need Thoughtwire Marketing SEO. Never worry about algorithm changes or having to constantly update your website. You will be on the first page with Thoughtwire Marketing SEO.

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Why Local Rankings Are Dying

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There are plenty of areas where you can lay blame—Google, algorithm changes, the habits and trends of the user, etc. But it really doesn’t matter who is at fault, as the fact remains, local and search rankings in general are taking a huge hit.

The first thing you need to understand is the fact that search engine optimization (SEO), or really just where you appear on the search engine results page (SERP), is in constant flux. So no matter what artificially generated ranking you receive, it could very easily change the next day.

Also, there is no true formula or science for establishing a true “page rank.” On the local level, with the latest Pigeon updates from Google, local rankings will soon be extinct all together.

“Now that Pigeon has caused havoc with local rankings, we’ve got a huge opportunity to take advantage of the flux and educate our clients that rankings don’t equal success,” reported Greg Gifford.

The key to real SEO and “page rank” success is consistency. Look at your organic traffic every month and make sure the numbers and flow are still there. Next, evaluate your landing pages and make sure the users are going where you want them to end up. Last, set up tracking to see if the user clicks on “get directions” or other types of forms.

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Misleading Ad? Pay a Fine

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Have you ever seen, listened to or read an advertisement and thought to yourself, “Now wait a minute, that sounds a little too great to be real?” Well as the expression goes, if something is too good to be true, chances are it is.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is cracking down on misleading advertisements in an attempt to both protect the consumer and discourage future ads and promotions that simply aren’t true.

In the most recent example, the FTC fined a Colorado-based firm $500,000 for misleading content concerning free refinancing. The mortgage lead generation company said certain services were free, but then that turned out not to be the case.

“The lead generator, Intermundo Media, LLC used the name “Delta Prime Refinance” in ads that claimed homeowners could refinance their mortgages for free to attract leads it then sold to refinancing companies,” reported Ginny Marvin.