User Experience Focus of Mobile Search

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Almost everyone is aware of how dominant mobile devices have become for accessing and browsing the Internet. There are tons of stats that show the growth, user numbers and influence of the mobile machine. But everyone is well aware by now—mostly because they use a smartphone or similar device every day to get online.

So now the trend is creating the best user experience (UX), since everyone is already online, the key is keeping the user happy while they are viewing your content, products or services. Having a mobile-friendly site isn’t enough if you want to stay ahead of your competition. The site needs to be optimized for easy mobile navigation.

“The mobile web of today reminds me of the regular web in 1999. There are huge brands with little to no presence, poorly executed redirects, outdated copyrights, dangling snippets of code, completely broken page layouts, overzealous ‘features’ that crash the session, lack of adherence to UX conventions, and absurd page load times,” wrote Susan Waldes on the current state of the mobile experience.

The biggest factor is making sure the user has an enjoyable experience on your website. If that’s not the case the mobile user will not return.

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