Yellow Pages Continues to Grow Online

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For decades, consumers have been looking for a viable alternative in the digital world for the print yellow pages they grew up using. People want reliable local business information that is displayed in a very clear and concise manner.


The transition wave started when the Yellow Pages themselves went online, with sites like,, and Those sites provided the accurate listings data, such as phone numbers, addresses and maps, along with customer reviews and recommendations.

Now, the online Yellow Pages are enhancing their digital portfolio by partnering with Yelp, whose purpose is “to connect people with great local businesses.”

In 2013, Yelp had an average of 120 million monthly unique visitors and “yelpers” have written over 53 million local reviews. Yelp has recently partnered with YP to increase those numbers.

“YP and Yelp have announced a strategic partnership that will in the near future provide YP advertisers with an enhanced presence on Yelp and effectively bring Yelp into the YP Local Ad Network,” reported Grey Sterling of

When consumers are ready to buy and go to a Yellow Pages online site, there will be even more helpful information. How do we know the consumers want to purchase? A study from the Statistical Research Institute showed that “87% of yellow page users end up making a purchase.”

If your business is not listed on a Yellow Pages online site, use a site like so you get the best deal. They will work with all of the major publishers to ensure you are getting the best package.



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