No Más Spam, In Any Language

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Not sure why it has taken so long, but Google is finally realizing that spam comes in all shapes, sizes and languages.


Over the past several months, Google has been going after both Polish and German link spammers. The search giant initially sent warnings, and then implemented punishments. “This week we took action on a German agency’s link network/clients. More to come in Germany,” said Matt Cutts, Google’s head of search spam on Twitter.

For years we’ve seen the Cutts department go after and eliminate “Black Hat” link building. Late last year Google shut down the link networks of and Anglo Rank.

Now after a somewhat successful campaign in Germany and Poland, Google is beginning to focus on other countries. Matt Cutts recently tweeted a reminder in both Spanish and Italian “about unnatural/paid links and that we’re willing to take action on them.”

It won’t be long before Google goes after every single country and language in an attempt to combat spam. They have the funds, tech and time to accomplish that goal. And it’s a goal that every user, outside of the spammers themselves, would love to see achieved, especially those that have been blacklisted on a shared server because of spamming.

Until the job is complete, and chances are we will never see the end of spam, protection is key. Moving to a more secure server, like a VPS, and backing up your information can help you personally fight spam.

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