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The bottom line is when you advertise on Google, not only do you get noticed, but consumers actually want to find out more about your products and services. How do we know for sure? The top three sponsored links that appear at the beginning of a Google search page account for 41% of the clicks. Consumers do a search, and when the results come back, nearly half click on the paid ads at the top. Your company needs to be at the top to get relevant customer traffic and to stay ahead of the competition.

Thoughtwire Media can develop a plan, backed by results, that will have your company front and center. How can you be sure it will work? With Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC) you only pay for the advertisements consumers actually see and click on when compared to broad ad campaigns that have no specific target audience. With PPC you appear at the moment of relevance. That is, your ad is displayed to searches actively looking for your product or service online.

How will you know your business isn’t paying too much to advertise on Google? Simple, through monthly reports you are able to see the results of your Pay-Per-Click Advertising campaigns.

The research and development team at Thoughtwire Media will construct a campaign that goes after your target audience, analyzes your competition, and maximizes your exposure online so the quality clicks keep happening. We only charge you a management fee and there is never any mark up from Thoughtwire Media as Google bills you directly. Google controls 65% of the search engine market share; make sure your company is seen when the consumer is searching online.

Features & Benefits

  • • Identify and target your primary market
  • • Ad creation to your exact specifications
  • • Monthly ad review and maintenance
  • • Pay-Per-Click report every month
  • • No hidden fees—Google and Thoughtwire bill directly
  • • Ad optimization for geography, device, etc.
  • • Only pay when the ads work
  • • Total ad display (mobile, tablets, desktops, etc.)
  • • Increase web traffic
  • • Spread brand awareness
  • • Google certified campaign managers

Text Ads

The extremely visible clickable messages that appear at the top of Google pages can feature your business. With a headline, display URL and description, Text Ads can cover products, promotions, prices and exclusive offers while your brand awareness is spread and consumers become informed about your company. Text ads drive consumer traffic by engaging online customers and perpetuating click-throughs and involvement.

Display Ads

With the flexibility of text, image, interactive and video ads, Display Ads allow you advertise the way you want while appearing on relevant websites and spreading your brand, products and services. The different formats of image ads make you predominate on a variety of news sites, blogs, and mobile websites. Display Ads connect you to a specific client base as your campaign is tracked as you go to ensure you are getting the correct exposure.

Product Ads

When people search for specific product information, Google puts Product Listing Ads on the results page so consumers can see your product along with the image, price and information you want them to see. Product Listing Ads help the customer end their search, as they see the product they want and are able to immediately click on it. Ads are billed based on a Cost-Per-Click (CPC) basis or a Conversion-Focused Cost-Per-Acquisition (CPA) basis. Drive new leads directly to you with Product Listing Ads while you only pay for conversions.


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